march. 2017

Sound installation.

Premier at Slide Space, Oakland. CA


Portrait is a multi-channel sound installation that focuses on expression through sound, representation, and interpretation.

The installation is an aural self-examination, so all of the sounds originate from the composer’s body. It is composed of personal messages, memories, and inspiring musical phrases. The composer attempts to distance herself from the installation using audio processing, which causes the origin of the sound source to fade. The sounds are transformed into textural and ambient phrases that are distributed throughout the room via multiple speakers. The speakers are hung from the ceiling at various heights and locations to allow the audience to walk around the installation and experience the movement of sound between the speakers. Because the way the speakers are hung, the sway subtly back and forth contributing to this movement of sound. The quality level of the speakers varies, which provides a unique effect on the total sound. Each listener builds his or her experience by moving through space.


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Ung Nordisk Musik FestivalHarpa Concert Hall. Iceland. August 2017


Signal Flow Festival. Slide Space. Oakland. CA. March 2017

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