december. 2016

Solo piano. For Mathias Halvorsen.

Premiered at Signal Flow Festival.  Oakland. CA

HULDUORKA is inspired by the expansion of the universe, dark energy and empty space filled with energy. It begins with simple phrases and long silences. Like the void that is filled with energy, the silences are full of sounds, though nothing is being played on the piano. The composition gradually expands. It ends with a black page, where the pianist's plays as loud and as fast as possible for 5 minutes. Abruptly the pianist stops playing and the sounds slowly fade away into the void.

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Mathias Halvorsen. Podium Festival Esslingen. Germany. August 2017

Mathias Halvorsen. Podium Festival Haugesund. Norway. July 2017

Katie Campbell. Signal Flow Festival. Oakland. CA. March 2017

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